Trees and lights and the moon in Mount Royal


I went for a walk last night around 10 PM. At first I headed toward Scarboro but ended up veering East after a couple blocks. Maybe this was a night for the Earl Grey bluffs? I crossed 14th into Mount Royal and moseyed up Colborne. I ended up on Durham, which I don’t think I’ve walked on before. There are some large properties on this street, with big houses, wrought iron gates and driveways that wind up hillsides.

At some point, I noticed that the hairs along my spine where feeling a little prickly. Maybe I was cold?

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September snow in Calgary

Well, my ex-neighbour in Vancouver told me that it snowed every month except August one year when he lived in Calgary. I thought: Freak occurrence! Won’t happen again! And lo and behold, I’ve been living here for a week, and today is day three of a snow storm. Day 1, I was angry… grumble, mumble, I live in hell. Day 2, I had to admit the snow was kind of pretty; the snow was falling softly, unlike the 45 degree, face-pelting snow of the previous day. Day 3, the leafy trees have been massacred. They’ve lost small branches, big limbs or their heads. I even saw a tree that split right down the middle of its trunk.

Day 1. Almost home. Walking home from Community Natural Foods on 10th ave.


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