Zantedeschia aethiopica

Commonly known as a Calla Lily, though it is an aroid, not a lily. The Latin name has some exciting syllables but I found the etymology disappointing: Zantedeschia comes from Giovanni Zantedeschi, a 19th century Italian botanist, and aethiopica refers to Africa. I’m sure Giovanni was a swell guy but I was hoping for a more romantic name like… um… wedding dreams or poisonous beauty? … Continue reading Zantedeschia aethiopica

Mama Mallard and her six ducklings

I was taking pictures of yellow water lilies on the south end of Trout Lake, when I sensed something moving near my feet. Ducklings!!! I guess people have been feeding them since they weren’t very wary of my proximity. They let me stay within two or three feet as they swam along the shore and occasionally walked onto the sand. Continue reading Mama Mallard and her six ducklings

Early February irises

Katherine Hodgkin dwarf iris in Cottonwood Community Garden. Sometimes it rains all day in Vancouver. And sometimes it rains all day for 3 days. Today was the third of consecutive rainy days. I scowled as I looked out the kitchen window. Ug, no point in waiting one more day to “smell the roses”. Out into the rain and I went and down the hill to … Continue reading Early February irises