Winter bird

Flying in a bit late for Draw-a-Bird-Day, this immature or female Pine Grosbeak (Pinicola enucleator) was eating tiny crabapples in Mill Creek Ravine Park, in late November 2017. Pine Grosbeaks bite through the skin of crabapples, eat the seeds and discard the pulp. They do the same with mountain ash berries. Realistically, the feathers of immature and female birds are grey and orange, but I … Continue reading Winter bird

DABD November 2018

Happy Draw-A-Bird-Day!!! Last fall I saw four species of warblers migrate through the Strathcona Rail Community Garden – Palm (drawing), Tennessee, Orange-crowned and Yellow-rumped. Fall warblers also refuel in the forests along the creek and river near my home, but the garden is the easiest place to photograph the birds. There are no tall trees to cast shade on waist-high plants and there are lots … Continue reading DABD November 2018

Draw a Bird Day – Magpie in Flight

Happy DADABD (Day After Draw a Bird Day)! Thanks to Ron Dudley of Feathered Photography for letting me use his image of a Black-billed Magpie attacking a Swainson’s Hawk as a reference. I love the flight position! I used other photos to help me whimsically assign colours to the feathers. Black-billed Magpies are the birds I see the most in my Edmonton neighbourhood these days, … Continue reading Draw a Bird Day – Magpie in Flight

Draw A Bird Day – Snacking on Cattails

Happy New Year and Happy Draw-A-Bird Day!!! (The monthly version of Draw a Bird Day was yesterday, so I’m a bit late!) This pen and ink drawing of a female Red-winged Blackbird snacking on a cattail was initially meant to be a doodlewash for May 2016’s #DoodlewashDinner. But I drew it on very smooth paper which I soon realized was not watercolour friendly. I did … Continue reading Draw A Bird Day – Snacking on Cattails

Draw A Bird Day – Double-crested Cormorant

It’s Draw A Bird Day! Thanks to Laura at Create Art Everyday for starting this monthly celebration last year. During the summer, double-crested cormorants can be seen in Calgary, in various locations along the Bow River. I have photographed a few – mostly far away shots with little detail and none with head tufts. Only double-crested cormorants who breed in Alaska grow whitish tufts; elsewhere in North … Continue reading Draw A Bird Day – Double-crested Cormorant

Draw a Bird Day June 2016

In March of this year, Deborah at Circadian Reflections posted some beautiful photos of hummingbirds she took in Santa Cruz. One photo in particular looked like excellent inspiration for a watercolour painting, so I asked her if she was thinking of painting it. She did paint it and posted it for last month’s Draw A Bird Day. She deftly captured the delicateness and vibrant greens … Continue reading Draw a Bird Day June 2016

Happy Mother’s Day and Draw-A-Bird-Day!

Joyeuse Fête des Mères mami!!! Merci pour ton affection maternelle et ton amitié. I drew the Black-winged Stilt and nest from a photo in Audubon’s Bird – The Definitive Visual Guide about a month ago. I thought the nest would make this drawing a perfect Mother’s Day post. However, I can’t tell if the bird in the photo is a male or female. I don’t … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day and Draw-A-Bird-Day!

Two days late – DNA Day and #SelfieArt Day

This pen and ink and Crayola markers drawing of two zebra finches happened because I asked myself – what percentage of human DNA resembles bird DNA? And why did I ask that question? Because April 25th was National DNA Day, a #doodlewashaday hosted by Charlie O’Shields, and #SelfieArt Day, which is hosted by Teresa Robeson. Charlie and Teresa are both sweet, fun, funny, creative and … Continue reading Two days late – DNA Day and #SelfieArt Day