Owlets at the University of Calgary

On the last Saturday of March, J and I had breakfast-coffee at one of our favourite coffee shops and flipped through the Calgary Metro, a free daily newspaper. There was a little story of some owlets on the University of Calgary. A more specific location was not mentioned, only that they were in a high pedestrian traffic area. Hmmm… The following Tuesday, I walked to … Continue reading Owlets at the University of Calgary

An owl in the backyard

Exactly one week after I saw my first Great Horned Owl in the Weaselhead Flats, another Great Horned Owl appeared in my backyard. As I was preparing dinner and the evening light was just starting to fade, I looked out the window and saw a large, tree-bark coloured, barrel-shaped bird casually perched on an exposed tree branch. Cool! J and I headed outside and J … Continue reading An owl in the backyard