Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater)

I saw this male at Burnaby Lake, my second time seeing these cowbirds after seeing some at Reifel a few days earlier. These birds are brood parasites; they do not build nests. Instead, the female finds a nest, usually belonging to a smaller species, and lays her eggs there. A few species recognize the cowbird eggs and dispose of them. But most species do not … Continue reading Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater)

A sparrow and four duck species!

There was a song sparrow hopping along the boardwalk that leads to the lake. It was a little too far and a little too mobile for my camera to focus on it well. By chance, this picture also has Mallards (4 males and one female), American Wigeons (3 males one female), a Common Merganser (female) and a Ring-necked Duck (male). As I walked around the … Continue reading A sparrow and four duck species!

Early February irises

Katherine Hodgkin dwarf iris in Cottonwood Community Garden. Sometimes it rains all day in Vancouver. And sometimes it rains all day for 3 days. Today was the third of consecutive rainy days. I scowled as I looked out the kitchen window. Ug, no point in waiting one more day to “smell the roses”. Out into the rain and I went and down the hill to … Continue reading Early February irises

Three divers

Three bufflehead ducks, one male, two females, swimming near the shore at CRAB park. They swam west, diving under the water, one after the other, all three disappearing for a minute or two, then reappearing for about half a minute. I didn’t get a very clear view of the ducks, but I could identify them because Lukasz of Through Open Lens posted a lovely picture … Continue reading Three divers