Molting male Mallards

After the mating season, male Mallards start to molt. They look a little sickly as little beige patches appear on their lovely green heads. I only discovered a few months ago that some birds have different breeding and non-breeding plumage. The last few weeks, I’ve been watching the male Mallards change with excited anticipation. When, when, when will I see a fully morphed male? I … Continue reading Molting male Mallards

Another clutch of ducklings


While I was photographing yellow flag irises at the Lost Lagoon, a clutch of Mallard ducklings and their mother swam by. They were moving along much faster than the ones I saw at Trout Lake. Once in a while, one of the ducklings would beat its partially developed wings and run over the surface of the water. Very cute! And one duckling would usually lag behind. I counted 11 ducklings. In the picture above, Mama Mallard is waiting for the slow poke.


The slow poke.
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Mama Mallard and her six ducklings

I was taking pictures of yellow water lilies on the south end of Trout Lake, when I sensed something moving near my feet. Ducklings!!! I guess people have been feeding them since they weren’t very wary of my proximity. They let me stay within two or three feet as they swam along the shore and occasionally walked onto the sand. Continue reading Mama Mallard and her six ducklings

A sparrow and four duck species!

There was a song sparrow hopping along the boardwalk that leads to the lake. It was a little too far and a little too mobile for my camera to focus on it well. By chance, this picture also has Mallards (4 males and one female), American Wigeons (3 males one female), a Common Merganser (female) and a Ring-necked Duck (male). As I walked around the … Continue reading A sparrow and four duck species!