Ring-necked ducks

I’ve seen a few of these at the Jericho Beach pond. My guesstimate is 4 males and 2 females. Until this week, the females were too far away, in bright light or in shadows, and all my photographs were fuzzy silhouettes. This week, I saw little miss ring-necked duck swim under the pond’s wooden bridge and I aimed my camera at the other side. My photos aren’t crisp-tastic, but with a wee point-and-shoot, I think I did pretty well.
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Birds, bunnies and an elusive beaver


Just before dusk yesterday, I found myself on the western end of the Jericho Beach pond. A bunny and a few sparrows were snacking in the grass. The Golden-crowned Sparrows, with their yellow foreheads and two thick black head stripes, were new to me. When the sun disappeared behind the trees, a few more birds appeared in the grass. I was actually on a mission to find a beaver which I had spotted in the pond earlier, swimming west through the open water into a narrow passage between the cattails. So, I didn’t want to tarry too long among the bunnies and sparrows. But I did, and I used up my camera battery.
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Mr and Mrs red-winged blackbirds and a song sparrow

A group of lady red-winged blackbirds were eating in the grass in the company of a single song sparrow. Every once in a while, a male red-winged blackbird would fly into the midst of the ladies. A few tweets and feather-flutters from the male and the ladies would disperse. The male would peck the ground for a bit, then fly back into the trees.
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Mallards take flight

Jericho Beach Park has a lovely pond with a small forest on one side. It is home to a variety of birds. The trails around the pond and through the forest usually have a quiet, peaceful vibe. I went on a weekday afternoon in mid-January, the first afternoon this year with more than 30 minutes of sunshine. The mallards were well represented in the pond, … Continue reading Mallards take flight