Migrating swans at Glenmore Reservoir

I’ve been quite busy with school work since mid-September, so I haven’t spent much time birdwatching this fall. My last midterm was last Wednesday and the weather forecast for the weekend was warm and sunny, so I headed to Glenmore Park for some blissful wildlife stalking on Saturday afternoon. Along with a few other wild creatures, I spotted two migrating Trumpeter Swans. In the spring … Continue reading Migrating swans at Glenmore Reservoir

Three coyotes

A foot bridge crosses the Elbow River shortly after it flows west out of the Glenmore Reservoir. Like many bridges, it is a good place to stop and check out the views. I looked east toward the reservoir and saw three coyotes walking on the frozen river. For a few seconds, there was just me, the frozen landscape and the coyotes. I don’t know how … Continue reading Three coyotes

White-breasted nuthatch

Red-breasted nuthatches are fairly common in Calgary. When I walk on the sidewalks, I often hear their “yank, yank, yank” calls coming from within the many front-yard spruce trees. Two to four Red-breasted nuthatches visit the backyard feeders every day. But I only occasionally see the slightly larger White-breasted nuthatches. I’ve seen one twice at the black sunflower seed feeder and I’ve glimpsed a few … Continue reading White-breasted nuthatch

Bombycilla garrulus!

Bombyx (Latin/Greek): silkworm; cilla (Latin): tail; garrulus (Latin): chattering, talkative.¬†Chattering birds with silkworm tails! I had my first encounter with Bohemian Waxwings today on the southwest side of the Glenmore Reservoir. Oh, they make such lovely music! A flock of them (20-30 birds) were flitting about at the top of a spruce tree, the tips of their wings flashing in the sunlight as they flew … Continue reading Bombycilla garrulus!


In the last week of October, I decided to check out the north side of the Glenmore Reservoir. I’d explored the west side a few times (the Weaselhead Flats) and I’d walked along the eastern shore one evening to see the sun set behind the Rocky Mountains. Down the bluff from the paved walking and cycling trails, there is a narrow, pebbly, dirt path that … Continue reading Chipmunk!

Glenmore Reservoir

J and I drove by the Glenmore Reservoir a couple of weeks ago on our way to Chinook Centre. We needed a few things for our kitchen and bathroom. The large body of water, with the snow covered Rockies in the background, looked pretty spectacular. So I looked it up on Google Maps when we got back home. And I saw the picture below. Pretty nice! You can see a larger version here. I don’t think the birds are Snow Geese though, at least not most of them. The most noticeable birds look like Tundra or Trumpeter Swans.

Snow Geese and the Rockies
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