Common Redpolls in Lafarge Meadows

I headed to Lafarge Meadows yesterday because I’d never been to that part of Fish Creek Park before and a recent post on Birds Calgary had piqued my interest. American White Pelicans? Yes please! The post also mentions a lone Hooded Warbler. Hooded Warblers don’t usually visit Calgary; the theory is it got lost on its way to Mexico and ended up in the Lafarge … Continue reading Common Redpolls in Lafarge Meadows

A tale of two birds

Somewhere in Fish Creek Park, tens of little sparrows were afluttering and atwittering in a stand of young balsam poplars. Two eyes scanned the leafless branches and fell upon a single clay-coloured sparrow.


A moment later, a second clay-coloured sparrow came to share its perch. They chatted for a bit.


Sparrow One whispered something to Sparrow Two. Continue reading “A tale of two birds”