Common Goldeneye Ducklings

It has been cold and rainy since Thursday. When I woke up Sunday morning, it was snow-raining. Ugh. Four hours later, at 11 am, it was still snow-raining. Big whine: but we’re in the second half of May! If I had been in a reasonable mood, I could have engaged in one of many entertaining and/or productive indoor activities but… I. Wanted. To. Go. Outside!!! … Continue reading Common Goldeneye Ducklings

Molting male Mallards

After the mating season, male Mallards start to molt. They look a little sickly as little beige patches appear on their lovely green heads. I only discovered a few months ago that some birds have different breeding and non-breeding plumage. The last few weeks, I’ve been watching the male Mallards change with excited anticipation. When, when, when will I see a fully morphed male? I … Continue reading Molting male Mallards

Another clutch of ducklings


While I was photographing yellow flag irises at the Lost Lagoon, a clutch of Mallard ducklings and their mother swam by. They were moving along much faster than the ones I saw at Trout Lake. Once in a while, one of the ducklings would beat its partially developed wings and run over the surface of the water. Very cute! And one duckling would usually lag behind. I counted 11 ducklings. In the picture above, Mama Mallard is waiting for the slow poke.


The slow poke.
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