Draw a Bird Day – Magpie in Flight

Happy DADABD (Day After Draw a Bird Day)! Thanks to Ron Dudley of Feathered Photography for letting me use his image of a Black-billed Magpie attacking a Swainson’s Hawk as a reference. I love the flight position! I used other photos to help me whimsically assign colours to the feathers. Black-billed Magpies are the birds I see the most in my Edmonton neighbourhood these days, … Continue reading Draw a Bird Day – Magpie in Flight

Draw A Bird Day – Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Happy Draw-A-Bird-Day! Thanks to Tony LePrieur for permission to use his photo of a male Audubon subspecies Yellow-rumped Warbler as a reference. The photo was published in a Birds Calgary blog post titled Birds of Bridlewood and Carburn Park. As Bob Lefebvre noted, the other subspecies, Myrtle, is more commonly seen in Calgary. I saw many in juvenile plumage but only two adult males in … Continue reading Draw A Bird Day – Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Atlantic puffin drawing

Atlantic Puffins

My blogging friend S├ębastien Palud went to Iceland in June of 2015 and has been publishing his experiences as a little illustrated dictionary. So far, he’s written and illustrated A through O with poetic descriptions and spectacular photographs of immense, other-worldly landscapes and comparatively tiny plants and animals (lots of birds!!!). For the lettre M, he included a series of beautiful photographs of Atlantic Puffins … Continue reading Atlantic Puffins

Two days late – DNA Day and #SelfieArt Day

This pen and ink and Crayola markers drawing of two zebra finches happened because I asked myself – what percentage of human DNA resembles bird DNA? And why did I ask that question? Because April 25th was National DNA Day, a #doodlewashaday hosted by Charlie O’Shields, and #SelfieArt Day, which is hosted by Teresa Robeson. Charlie and Teresa are both sweet, fun, funny, creative and … Continue reading Two days late – DNA Day and #SelfieArt Day