Gwyndolyn’s nest: Part 3

On the morning of May 6th, Gwyndolyn’s nest was empty. The whole family was swimming across the south pond in an approximate line, with mom in the lead. I can only count 7 fluff-balls in the photo, but there were 8. Their destination was the tasty and rarely human-disturbed grassy strip that forms the central portion of the peninsula which separates the north from the … Continue reading Gwyndolyn’s nest: Part 3

Little Hairy Woodpeckers

From the Simmons Building, I walked halfway across the pedestrian bridge, then headed down the ramp to St. Patrick’s Island. Some bird commotion was coming from a nearby tree. A little above eye level and less than a metre from the ramp, a little hairy woodpecker poked its head out of a hole in a balsam poplar tree. I quickly┬áslid my camera out of my … Continue reading Little Hairy Woodpeckers