Draw a Bird Day June 2016

In March of this year, Deborah at Circadian Reflections posted some beautiful photos of hummingbirds she took in Santa Cruz. One photo in particular looked like excellent inspiration for a watercolour painting, so I asked her if she was thinking of painting it. She did paint it and posted it for last month’s Draw A Bird Day. She deftly captured the delicateness and vibrant greens … Continue reading Draw a Bird Day June 2016

Phoenix area hummingbirds

Male Anna’s Hummingbird. Gilbert Water Ranch, Gilbert, Arizona. December 2015. I saw a few hummingbirds when I went to Arizona last December. And when I looked through my photos, they were all male Anna’s hummingbirds. Male Anna’s have fancy magenta feathers on both their crown and throat. The colour is not a pigment, but a structural property of the feathers. When light hits the feathers … Continue reading Phoenix area hummingbirds