A Eurasian among Americans

On a grey, drizzly, late afternoon in February, I stood on the western shore of Trout Lake, watching American Wigeons swim and whistle. The light wasn’t very good but one of the ducks seemed to have an unusual head colour. I stared; it got closer. It had a light patch on top of its head but the sides of its head were red not green. I took a picture. It was fuzz-tastic. When I went back to Trout Lake a week later, in the morning sun, the unusual red head swam a little closer to shore and I took a better picture.
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A sparrow and four duck species!

There was a song sparrow hopping along the boardwalk that leads to the lake. It was a little too far and a little too mobile for my camera to focus on it well. By chance, this picture also has Mallards (4 males and one female), American Wigeons (3 males one female), a Common Merganser (female) and a Ring-necked Duck (male). As I walked around the … Continue reading A sparrow and four duck species!