Last December…

Today was my final exam for principles of ecology. The snowshoe hare came up in a few of the exam questions, so I thought this would be a good day to publish a post I started earlier this year and finished a few weeks ago. A little after sunset, on December 9th 2017, the white rabbit appeared, well a hare actually, or more precisely a … Continue reading Last December…

Darting across the path

It was warmish and sunny in Edmonton this afternoon, so I walked home through Queen Elizabeth Park. While I was taking photos of some juncos rummaging through leaf litter and beaking off chunks of red osier berries, a snowshoe hare darted across the path. Three times in a minute! I missed the leftward bounds, but got a few snaps of the two sprints to the … Continue reading Darting across the path

Furry Friday

The red squirrels looked particularly red today. Was it just because of the quality of the sunlight? Or did it have something to do with the season too? They always look my way when I approach. And then they usually move. Sometimes they disappear, and sometimes they yell at me and keep yelling until I walk away. For some reason, this little fellow only yelled … Continue reading Furry Friday

Coyotes in the brush

Looking for grouse in the knee high brush in front of the Alberta Children’s Hospital, I saw a small, light-beige rectangle way off in the distance. Tree stump? I really wanted it to be some kind of animal, so I took out my camera and zoomed in. Maybe a lynx??? (Wishful thinking – at camera display screen size, the face above could possibly, maybe belong … Continue reading Coyotes in the brush

Three coyotes

A foot bridge crosses the Elbow River shortly after it flows west out of the Glenmore Reservoir. Like many bridges, it is a good place to stop and check out the views. I looked east toward the reservoir and saw three coyotes walking on the frozen river. For a few seconds, there was just me, the frozen landscape and the coyotes. I don’t know how … Continue reading Three coyotes


In the last week of October, I decided to check out the north side of the Glenmore Reservoir. I’d explored the west side a few times (the Weaselhead Flats) and I’d walked along the eastern shore one evening to see the sun set behind the Rocky Mountains. Down the bluff from the paved walking and cycling trails, there is a narrow, pebbly, dirt path that … Continue reading Chipmunk!