A rare warbler

Townsend’s Warbler (Setophaga townsendi) is not rare in North America but it is not often seen as far east as Calgary. It usually breeds in the Pacific Northwest (Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon) and winters in Mexico or on the western edge of California. However, the eBird map for Townsend’s Warbler shows a few […]

Two Calgary shorebirds – Spotted Sandpiper and Solitary Sandpiper

I spotted two sandpipers on the Elbow River this week. Both were solitary but only one was a Solitary Sandpiper. And only one had spots, but it wasn’t a Spotted Sandpiper! This Spotted Sandpiper was my first Calgary shorebird sighting. It turns out juvenile Spotted Sandpipers don’t have any spots, nor do the non-breeding adults. […]