Common Redpolls in Lafarge Meadows

I headed to Lafarge Meadows yesterday because I’d never been to that part of Fish Creek Park before and a recent post on Birds Calgary had piqued my interest. American White Pelicans? Yes please! The post also mentions a lone Hooded Warbler. Hooded Warblers don’t usually visit Calgary; the theory is it got lost on its way to Mexico and ended up in the Lafarge … Continue reading Common Redpolls in Lafarge Meadows

An owl in the backyard

Exactly one week after I saw my first Great Horned Owl in the Weaselhead Flats, another Great Horned Owl appeared in my backyard. As I was preparing dinner and the evening light was just starting to fade, I looked out the window and saw a large, tree-bark coloured, barrel-shaped bird casually perched on an exposed tree branch. Cool! J and I headed outside and J … Continue reading An owl in the backyard

Ruby-crowned kinglet

I had an excellent morning birding at Elbow Park Park (a nameless park in the Elbow Park neighborhood) this Wednesday. I got there a little after 10 am and the sun was shining. Because the temperature is a bit cold in the mornings these days, the birds were still busily moving within and between the many trees and bushes. The big, big highlight: I got … Continue reading Ruby-crowned kinglet

Common Merganser Dancing

While I was standing on the shore of the Elbow River at Sandy Beach Park this morning, a group of seven immature Common Mergansers floated past me and settled onto a large, flat rock for a bout of preening. Immature Common Mergansers resemble females but their facial markings are a bit different and their eyes are a lighter colour. The “dancing” bird was jumping onto … Continue reading Common Merganser Dancing

Franklin’s Gulls

A few Wednesdays ago (Aug 26), I took the long walking way to the grocery store. The air was smoky from forest fires raging in Washington state, but it was better than the day before. I made a westerly loop to the Bow River Pathway, just west of the Crowchild Trail bridge. I photographed many birds – swallows, ducks, hawks, warblers, etc. I even snapped … Continue reading Franklin’s Gulls