Pine Warblers in Colour!

I finished colouring my Pine Warblers! My favourite is perched on pine needles. His tongue is visible between his mandibles and he even has a little black insect chopsticked there. All the warblers are males in breeding plumage. Females are mostly different tones of warm grey with a few patches of muted yellow.

If you could colour or draw any bird right now, which species would you choose?


      1. Thank you very much for your wonderful words! You liked my painting,I’m happy to hear that. That’s nice that both woodpeckers resemble somewhat.I will check the North American one.Hope to see more from you🙂


  1. These are stunning, Myr. You are so skilled at drawing birds in many poses. I should practice this more, but sometimes I am thankful to get a plain old pose on paper and be happy with it. I am partial to painting male and female cardinals. We have many at our bird feeders, and I enjoy observing them!

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    1. Thanks, Carol! I know what you mean about sticking to the usual poses. They’re definitely my usual go-to. I’ve been trying to see birds more as 3-dimensional entities lately, by drawing different poses and spending more time watching birds move in local parks. Observing the birds at your feeder probably helps a lot with your bird drawing. There are a lot of cardinals in my neighbourhood, and I’ve been thinking about drawing or painting them one of these days. Great choice! 😊

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    1. Happy to hear my drawing is good reference material! Thanks for putting the drawings to good use! I bet if you drew or painted a painted bunting male it would be easily identifiable. Who else has those colour combos? The female would be trickier… 😊

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  2. Beautifully done! Last week (before our 5 inches of rain!!!) I was at a sweet little nature preserve that has a little stream running through. Probably looks like the Mississippi right now. That day there were dozens of little warblers flitting about. It looked like 3 or 4 different species but I couldn’t be sure. They are so delightful, aren’t they?

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    1. Thanks, Melissa! I’m so glad you got to see a gathering of foraging warblers. I had a similar experience recently while without a camera or binoculars. I couldn’t identify the specific warbler species but it was delightful to watch them move through the trees and vocalize a bit. 😊


    1. Thanks, Lynn! 😊The pine branch was a bit of a challenge. It is missing a bunch of bits that were in the photo but I’m hoping I included enough bits to make it approximately believable. I like drawing chickadees. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen a Chestnut-backed chickadee. I remember hand feeding them with my sister in Stanley Park in Vancouver. Good times!

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