Darting across the path

It was warmish and sunny in Edmonton this afternoon, so I walked home through Queen Elizabeth Park. While I was taking photos of some juncos rummaging through leaf litter and beaking off chunks of red osier berries, a snowshoe hare darted across the path. Three times in a minute! I missed the leftward bounds, but got a few snaps of the two sprints to the right.

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  1. You were both pretty quick!

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    1. That’s how wildlife rolls sometimes! Here and gone in an instant! I wish I’d had time to decrease my exposure settings but at least I had enough time to take ok photos. I think the black and white makes the blown out whites look a bit better than in the original colour photos. 🙂

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  2. Oh, nice! It’s great that you so quickly reacted. I know I would only stare and stare. It’s not simple to take photos of wild animals.
    One morning I saw three squirrels playing in the tree. Luckily my boyfriend made a video, because as I said, I only stared. : D

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    1. 😀 It’s nice to just stare at nature sometimes, without framing it in a rectangle. Sounds like you and your boyfriend are a good squirrel-watching team. 🙂

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