Draw-a-Bird-Day: Rufous-tailed jacamar


I was happy to see that a bunch of people posted bird drawings today. So, I thought I’d join in the fun with a Rufous-tailed jacamar. I drew it back in February from Audubon’s Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide and added a green background with Photoshop today.


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Jet :-). So cool that you recently posted about your real-life, Rufous-tailed jacamar sighting. Your adventure stories are like dreams which could become real some day. Some day…


    1. Thank you, Tanja :-). Iโ€™m sure that if you drew a duck it wouldnโ€™t look like a stick figure ;-). It takes a lot of practice and handy tips learned from other people to draw what one sees as one sees it. It is surprisingly hardโ€ฆ more for some peopleโ€ฆ because the brain likes to save time by abstracting out details.

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