Two juvenile Baltimore Orioles!!!


There are some berry bushes on the east bank of the Elbow River, a little bit south of where it forks from the Bow River. On Sunday afternoon, they were alive with a variety of bird visitors – Yellow Warblers, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Black-capped Chickadees, Cedar Waxwings, American Robins and a few other birds I couldn’t identify or photograph. Oh yes, and there were two Baltimore Orioles!!! Big, orange berry-eaters I’d never seen before.




I’d looked up Orioles on All About Birds on Saturday night. Laura (of Create Art Everyday) posted a lovely drawing of a Hooded Oriole that morning. So I wondered if any Orioles ever came to Alberta. Based on the All About Birds maps, only the Baltimore Orioles are known to travel to this part of North America. And the next day, they appeared like magic!

Another Calgary birder who wanted to see Baltimore Orioles put orange slices in his backyard. He posted some cute photographs.

Can you spot both Orioles?


After eating, they both found a place to rest. They stayed on these open perches for quite some time and were still there when I left.




        1. Hopefully you get a few cute and colorful feathered visitors in the coming months :-). My only colorful backyard visitor so far was a Western Tanager – he made a few short appearances for 3 days and then disappeared.

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          1. I had a Goldfinch sit on the wires that go across the backyard a couple of times, but the House Finches scared it off.
            I just received a new book too. How to Drawing Birds with Colored Pencils by Kaaren Poole. The images are great. I hope with some time devoted to doing her techniques, and the exercises I’ll make some improvement.

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            1. I like how drawing books show the layered coloring steps. Does this mean you will be posting a bird drawing on September 8th? I’m looking forward to seeing your first drawing. Which bird will you choose… (don’t tell me :-))

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              1. LOL! I won’t tell! No, no bird drawing on Sept. 8th. I’ll be on a cruise and not home til the 6th. I think this book is too big to pack and take with me, but I am toying with the idea to take my little travel watercolor palette, and some note cards to paint on just in case I’m inspired though.

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  1. We do have a variety of colorful birds here, many were introduced. Sightings of course change depending on the island and the location, (forested mountain, seashore, urban settings). But it is always enjoyable to see the many colorful and subtle hued birds of the continent. The photo of your Baltimore Oriole was so striking with its bright orange-yellow feathers. We have no wild yellow birds like that in our urban settings, so it is a treat to see what appears in other neighborhoods. Keep up the great photos, they are such a delight to see.

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    1. It is true, bird varieties change with the environment. Even in Calgary, different birds hang out in different mini-habitats. The two rivers and the green spaces with berry bushes and many kinds of trees help attract an assortment of little birds. And spring and fall bring migrating birds!

      It is fun to look at birding blogs from different places. Some birds are familiar and others are surprisingly different. Thanks for enjoying my bird photos. I have a lot of fun taking them :-)!


  2. These are beeeeyooootiful! I almost missed them because my Reader closed on me and I couldn’t load it back up at home (have I complained about my bad internet at home yet).

    One pair of these built a nest right outside our living room window one year. What a thrill that was. Haven’t had them up close to the house since. But looking at these photos are just as good!

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    1. Thanks Teresa :-). No, I haven’t heard about your bad internet yet. Is it because you live in a magical, secluded place?

      Oh! I’m sooo jealous about your amazing nest story! And super happy that you had such a cool experience!

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      1. If by “magical, secluded place” you mean out in the boonies where there aren’t enough people for any company to care about providing us with good internet, then Yes! Hahaha! Seriously, most days, satellite internet is no better than dial-up. And, we have restrictions on how much we download. We have no idea what this “streaming” thing is that people talk about. πŸ˜‰

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        1. Yup, the magical boonies πŸ™‚ :-)… except for the unfortunately unmagical internet. I’ve experienced that frustration in other boonielands (the horror!). Does it take you more than 30 seconds to upload a photo for your blog?

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          1. It could take longer sometimes…or not at all even! That’s why I only post one photo for the One Good Thing blog and I do it from my phone most of the time. πŸ˜€

            My other blog was much more extensive and I posted a lot of photos there, which was always an adventure (and not the good kind…LOL!).

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  3. Wow, these photos are wonderful! I very rarely see Orioles but I did get a glimpse of one this summer. I wish I could show you the photo I took of it as it flashed by~ I managed to click just as it stuck its head behind a tree trunk, so all I got was a headless orange blob. Makes me laugh every time I look at it but when I paint it I can add the head πŸ™‚

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