Young House Sparrow


There seem to be a lot of young sparrows in the Calgary trees these days. I find them hard to identify based on their plumage. But sometimes I see them with a parent.


This little guy also got a visit from a sibling.



    1. Aw, that’s harsh. Do House Sparrows in some way wreak havoc where you live?

      I have never had any issues with these birds so I tend to appreciate their cute flitting about and cute little chirps. They are quite plentiful in Calgary, but I guess it is because they are really well suited to the city environment and can survive the cold winters. I never see them in forested parks, grasslands or wetlands. I can’t dislike them because they are not native since I’m not native. Besides, their non-nativity is due to a human error in judgement and they thrive in environments built by humans.


      1. All of that is true, Myriam, and I am sorry to have been harsh. Here I have watched them destroy the nests of black-capped chickadees and downy woodpeckers and drive them away while they produce multiple broods a season. I’ve heard they are just as hard on other native species, so I’ve grown to hate them.


        1. Little brutes! I understand your dislike of them now.

          Speaking of not-so-sweet birds, I just read that Brown-headed cowbirds raised by Cedar waxwings rarely survive because they can’t handle the high fruit diet.


      1. They eat a lot of our chicken feed, for one. Thanks for the reminder that I was going to try and make a beaded curtain for the chicken house opening to see if that will deter them from freely going in and out. 😀

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        1. Mmm, free and abundant food. I guess the chickens need to get in the opening but not the sparrows. Hope your curtain helps. It looks like a lot of chicken raisers on the interwebs have that issue. I just looked at a picture of a treadle chicken feeder. Neat contraption!

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  1. They are native here (Central Finland), so they don’t wreak any havoc! I love the silly little things, with their happy chirping and the little family groups accousting you at outdoor seating of cafes for crumbs, like cute fluffy-feathered mafia!

    I am sorry to hear they are invasive where you are. This is why environmental controls between continents in centuries past would have been a really good thing.

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    1. Cute fluffy-feathered mafia :-D!

      They are quite cute but they reproduce a little too well here in some areas. I don’t mind them as long as they don’t crowd out other birds. I had a bird feeder with a big platform in my backyard for two weeks and the House Sparrows totally invaded my backyard. The trees were full of them! I changed the feeder to a clinging type and now I only get a few House sparrows who don’t mind clinging and the other birds get a turn too (and the squirrels).

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