Hey! You’re in my spot!


Mr. Molting Wood Duck got a bit startled by Miss Mallard who was most definitely going to preen on her favourite rock. He moved over and gave her some space but she insisted he get off completely.


The water nearby was quite shallow, so he decided to hang out there instead. And, since he was now a bit closer to me, I got a better picture! You can see some pin feathers where some of his wing feathers haven’t grown in yet. I had a bit of trouble imagining which feathers were missing so I looked at many, many Wood Duck images on the interwebs. The second picture on this page (bird photography by J R Compton) cleared things up for me.


Mr. M.W.D. before his rock peace was disturbed.


    1. Thank you :-)! I’m currently super interested in the molting male ducks and their feather transformation. Miss Mallard added a bit of drama to my molting Wood Duck photographs. Maybe she wanted to be in a picture too!

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    1. Well said :-D! I think the Wood Duck was feeling a little extra vulnerable because he can’t fly for a few weeks. I’m glad you love the photos; you inspired me to edit and share them.

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      1. LOL! I was actually thinking of the Robert McCloskey story “Make Way for Ducklings.” 😀 It’s one of my favorite books! But Mallards can be brash. I suppose that’s why they’re ubiquitous?

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  1. LOL! That’s funny! That second image is wonderful! I love the coloring of Wood Ducks. I haven’t seen any this year. 😦 I went looking for them in a spot I know they live in, but they weren’t there. I was too early …or too late. Next year I hope to your kinda luck and see them! 🙂

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