Another shorebird


Two weeks ago I saw my first Killdeer at the Vanier Park pond and this week I saw my first Spotted Sandpiper at Trout Lake. A single white stripe on each mostly beige wing appeared when the bird flew to the other side of the beach. Very cute.

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  1. Many birds are visiting you lately! 🙂

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    1. Spring is fun that way. A lot of different birds fly through on their way further north. No penguins though ;-).


    1. :-). It was fun watching it move and making a new bird acquaintance.

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  2. Killdeer are cute and kind of silly-funny…in their calls, in their defense strategies, and in the way they seem to look worried all the time. 😀

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    1. Oh, and p.s. love your Spotted Sandpiper!

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      1. Killdeer do look worried all the time! I think it is because of the curves of their facial lines. I’m quite impressed by how tenaciously they protect their nests.

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