I think it is a bullfrog since it has a distinct tympanum (the circular body part just behind and below the eye) and no dorsolateral folds. The diameter of a male’s tympanum is roughly twice that of their eye while a female’s is about the same size. The photograph suggests a tympanum diameter 1.5 times that of the eye, so I’m stumped. Bullfrogs are not native to British Columbia; they were brought here from eastern North America. You can read more about bullfrogs in British Columbia here.


  1. Was it HUGE? I miss seeing bullfrogs. We used to see them everywhere (I live in Lake County, IL 🙂 ) and their low-key call was the background music to summer. I rarely see them anymore. I suspect they have been killed off by lawn chemicals surrounding all of the bodies of water.


    1. I think it was large but not HUGE (maybe a 4 inch long body). I saw the same frog, or a very similar one, out of the water yesterday, just a couple of feet from where I saw it last. The pond was quite clear and I looked for frogs in various places at the edge of the pond, but only saw the one frog.


        1. Hmm… I don’t know. The frog I saw this week looked very similar to the one in the picture but I very clearly saw no dorsolateral folds. Maybe it is a young male bullfrog? Hopefully, I will hear it sing one of these days. Then I’ll know!

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