My first killdeer


According to All About Birds, killdeer are shorebirds you can see without going to the beach; they are common to lawns and parking lots. Maybe they are not so ubiquitous in Vancouver? Well… I did not see one at the beach, though it was about a 2 minute human walk away on the shore of the Vanier Park Pond. Birdy sounded a sharp “dee” alarm a couple of times but did not break out into a nervous, bubbling trill, so I suppose I only stressed it out a little bit.


  1. I can’t remember if we’ve seen them in Vancouver, but they are all over here in southern Indiana. In fact, once, there was one running around at a busy intersection! It was the weirdest thing. šŸ™‚

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      1. They’re usually in pairs (supposedly, they will sometimes form loose flocks, but we’ve not seen that), and nobody feeds them because they eat insects (I think). It was truly weird that it was hanging out at a busy intersection. We hoped it just moved on and didn’t get hit by a car. :}

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    1. I’m a little perplexed by these least shore-associated of shorebirds. I hope I do see more of them walking and running along in their particular way on grass or asphalt or sand :-).

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    1. :-). I’ve been trying to substitute a killdeer for another bird I see frequently in Vancouver – a robin, a Northern Flicker or a crow. The first two substitutions seem plausible. The third makes me laugh because there are so many crows in Vancouver. I like to imagine a town where the ubiquitous personalities of Vancouver crows are replaced by the personalities of killdeers.


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