Seagull party

The troupe of Wigeons left False Creek pond a few weeks ago. So did most of the Mallards and the Canada Geese. Last Thursday the little pond was mostly occupied by a posse of Glaucous-winged Gulls.

I decided recently that I take too many pictures, so some days I choose to leave my camera at home. But I always have my iPhone with me. So, I end up taking iPhone fuzzies. I’ve done this a few days now… I see something awesome… it is not camera day… and out comes the iPhone… and hmmm… I’m at full zoom… is that a bird or a leaf? The iPhone is quite good at taking pictures of flowers and landscapes, but birds… not so much. My point-and-shoot doesn’t take the awesomest bird pictures… but I can usually take just-recognizable to good photos.

The feather flapping of the gulls last Thursday was irresistible. They were beating their wings against the water. They were flying away short distances and flying back, swooping down for a spectacular landing. I stood behind a “window” framed by bushes and trees and snapped away with my iPhone. The images lack detail but the gulls look like gulls. And though their bodies have blurred outlines, their majestic wing displays still look pretty cool.

[Click on an image to see larger images in a slideshow.]


  1. A seagull party~ how fun! I get a kick out of you and your “iPhone fuzzies”. Hilarious. I know just what you mean~I see the best stuff when I don’t have my camera with me! These photos are wonderful.

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    1. Thanks Melissa :-)! Cameras are really great for capturing reminders of beautiful moments that my mind will let go of in a few days or a few years. I get this momentary agitated frustration when I can’t take a picture of something. Then I laugh at myself and appreciate the moment’s ability to be here and then leave forever, like an unfixed Tibetan sand painting.


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