1. Aww. Nice to have a visitor in the garden, isn’t it? Were those California poppies I saw growing up through Geranium maculatum? So pretty! The poppies in my garden do the same thing to my geraniums.

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    1. The garden in the photo is a couple of blocks from my house. Looking at the picture, I thought your guess might be correct. But I went back to see the poppies and it turns out the leaves are theirs. I’m not sure, but I think they are Welsh Poppies (Papaver cambrica… or Meconopsis cambrica… some recent DNA studies showed the Welsh poppy is more closely related to poppies (Papaver) than poppy-like flowers (Meconopsis)). The little pink petals among the leaves are cherry blossoms. Your flower combination sounds lovely though. I’m glad you mentioned Geranium maculatum. I wasn’t aware that the common geranium is not a Geranium, though it is in the same family. Now I know it belongs to the Pelargonium genus!!! And some fun etymology: pelargos (stork) and geranos (crane) are from Ancient Greek. You probably already knew that. Maybe some day I’ll learn how they are different and how they resemble storks and cranes.

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    1. Glad you are enjoying its prettiness too :-). I think it’s awesome when people plant flowers and other plants on the outside of their fence and/or on the green strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street.


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