Early February irises


Katherine Hodgkin dwarf iris in Cottonwood Community Garden.

Sometimes it rains all day in Vancouver. And sometimes it rains all day for 3 days. Today was the third of consecutive rainy days. I scowled as I looked out the kitchen window. Ug, no point in waiting one more day to “smell the roses”. Out into the rain and I went and down the hill to Cottonwood Community Garden. I saw fresh greens and yellows and pinks, all covered with little drops of rain. My gloves and pants and nose got wet as a walked about and my shoes got muddy, but it was all quite delightful!


    1. Thank you Mitza :-). Flowers are such lovely creatures, especially when one comes upon them unexpectedly on a day of mostly green and brown and grey hues. I like that you accompany your flower photographs with poems… such lovely poems as well.

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  1. We’re working on day 2 of steady rain…maybe I should follow your courageous lead and go out to see what’s happening out there. Your photo is delightful~ I love those irises anyway and the raindrops really add something to the photo.

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    1. That was my first time noticing dwarf irises. I only knew about the taller ones before (some of those came out a couple of days ago). They definitely cheered me up! Did you get to experience some rainy delights today?


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