Three divers


Three bufflehead ducks, one male, two females, swimming near the shore at CRAB park. They swam west, diving under the water, one after the other, all three disappearing for a minute or two, then reappearing for about half a minute. I didn’t get a very clear view of the ducks, but I could identify them because Lukasz of Through Open Lens posted a lovely picture of a male bufflehead duck a few days before my visit to CRAB park.


    1. They do seem to spend a lot of their time under water. I wonder what percentage of their dives yield a bite of food? I was watching some Northern Shovelers a few days ago. They swim around with their bodies above water and their heads submerged, their fancy bills filtering out food. Their heads pop up once in a while, very briefly. I was getting a bit frustrated after a few failed attempts at photographing their bills. And then, I just had to laugh.

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