Mallards take flight

Jericho Beach Park has a lovely pond with a small forest on one side. It is home to a variety of birds. The trails around the pond and through the forest usually have a quiet, peaceful vibe. I went on a weekday afternoon in mid-January, the first afternoon this year with more than 30 minutes of sunshine. The mallards were well represented in the pond, while the cattails were full of red-winged blackbirds. I was slowly approaching the blackbirds to see how close I could get before they got antsy, when a group of male mallards floating on the pond suddenly spread their wings and took flight, exposing previously-hidden, bright-blue wing feathers. Maybe someone on the other side of the pond looked threatening?

[Please excuse the fuzziness of the photo. I am currently using a tiny camera. One of these days, I will learn to use my brother-in-law’s camera with a nice zoom lens. It is way heavier though!]