Frosty afternoon


Shrouded view of downtown Calgary from Buckmaster Park in Bankview.

I didn’t get out of the house until 4:15 pm yesterday. The delicate frostiness of the landscape that greeted my eyes came as a pleasant surprise (the windows of my apartment look onto a sky-less, alley-sized courtyard). There was mist, but it was barely there; the sky was not white, but a lighter shade of blue than usual. Oh my! Such beauty! Must take a picture. Afternoon light fading fast!


The park in front of my apartment building. My iPhone didn’t quite capture the subdued sparkliness of the scene, but it created a nice reminder.


Old, trampled, melted and re-frozen snow.


The truck and trees looked photo-worthy.


Buckmaster Park is a couple of blocks away. I usually take one of the lower paths that go through this park, so I never noticed the tree with the yellowish needles before. The dusting of frost makes its needles look particularly lovely.


Another view of downtown.


The two lower paths.

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