Through woods and meadows

Richmond Park, London. Taken by Josephine of lemanshots.

I tried to reblog this image from lemanshots but this reduced the resolution of the image to thumbnail size. Poop! So I created my own post with the image url (niiiiice resolution… click on image for larger version… hmm that isn’t working for me… right clicking and opening the image in a new tab works though).

Trees and grass in London. Foreign to me (I’ve only spent time at London airports and shopping downtown for one day when I was 9). This is the map.

The river north of the park is the Thames River. This is likely quite obvious to many. But it wasn’t obvious to me. I was excited to see the map of a river I’ve heard about and read about and seen in pictures. I thought it was neat to see its relation to a cool picture of trees and grass taken by a WordPress user.

Other pictures of the same park from Panoramio users.

Beautiful Sunday by spacee

Richmond Park Deer by Tony Perrin

Untitled by Shukri Brewer