Earl Grey Park

Section of trail bordered by trees.

Earl Grey Park in autumn. Southwest Calgary.

Earl Grey Park is the closest bluff to where I live. It is in Mount Royal, an upscale neighbourhood with big houses and big trees, and a few diagonal and curved streets that don’t adhere to the popular Cartesian grid. I first walked through the park on my way to the Phil and Sebastian coffee shop on 4th street. I usually go to their coffee shop in Marda Loop. The light caramel and fruity notes of their espresso are delectable. And their chocolate chip cookies are pretty good too.

It is almost November. The leaves in the trees are almost all gone. The cold air, the dry, browning grass and the shrubs with a few shriveled berries and desiccated leaves all scream death. And of course today is Halloween. But it isn’t apocalyptic. The plants are taking a little break. They’ll be adorned with vibrant greens in… um… 6 months.

I’ve taken pictures of Earl Grey Park a few times: in September when the poplar trees were green (the dark green of late summer), in October when they were yellow and later in October when the leaves were no more.

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