Bow River Pathway – 9th and 10th street bridges

9th street bridge, between SW and NW Calgary. Trains above; pedestrians, dogs and cyclists below.

The popular Bow River Pathway passes under the 10th street bridge.

Bow River ducks.

Oh, how I appreciate Calgary’s pedestrian bridges! There are a handful north of downtown, between 10th and Centre street (west Calgary). The 9th street bridge is the closest to where I live and my usual choice for travelling to and from Sunnyside. This is a double bridge. The light rail train travels above; cyclists and pedestrians go below.

Some pictures I took a few weeks ago: [click on a picture for slideshow format]

I went to the Sunnyside Natural Market again this afternoon (raspberry and ricotta danish with reeeeeal raspberries! (as opposed to jam… which is somehow not quite as real)). On my way home, as I was about to head up the bridge stairs, I heard the river. I wasn’t in a hurry to get home, so I walked down to get a closer look at the water. Mmmm… waves of flowing water :-). The sun was nearing the horizon in the west and turning orange. It was making the bushes on the small island west of the 10th Street bridge glow. So I walked west.


  1. You visited my other blog, zenkatwrites, which brought me to you. I’ve only been to Calgary once, in summer. Now that I live in Portland Oregon and see pictures, I realize that it looks a bit like Portland! Enjoying your blog!


    1. Hi Katie,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and saying hello. I found your blog post on alcoholism an interesting read and after looking at some of your other posts, I thought you’d be a welcome addition to my WordPress Reader.

      I’ve been to Portland twice. Awesome city! The food, the art, the architecture, the shops, the view of Mount Hood, the trees, the people! Strangers often offered me genuine smiles when I crossed them on the sidewalk. At first, I couldn’t think of what it had in common with Calgary, the weather and vegetation are so different. But on further thought, there is the river near downtown, the mountains visible far away and the free light rail ride through downtown. What strikes you as similar about the two cities?


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