Prince’s Island Park

Prince’s Island Park is a little island in the middle of the Bow River just north of downtown Calgary.

There are 3 pedestrian bridges that link the island to the Bow River’s south bank and one pedestrian bridge connects to the north bank. My Prince’s Island trip started on the south side of the Centre Street bridge, which reminded me of Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge, but smaller.


Side view of southeast lion.


Looking west.


I didn’t cross the bridge. I stayed on the south side. I walked through Shen Lok Park to access the Bow River Pathway. Two more white lions.


Walking west toward Prince’s Island.



The Jaipur Bridge.


Bow River Pathway.


View west from Jaipur Bridge.


Meandering around Prince’s Island.



River Cafe on Prince’s Island.


Leaving the island. View west from pedestrian bridge to north bank of Bow River.


Looking back at bridge.


Check it out: Prince’s Island Park Google Earth Tour
Sometimes it is fun to be a helicopter tourist without leaving your chair :-).

I’m liking Panoramio more and more. It is really neat to be able to see other people’s pictures when looking at places in Google Maps (Earth view). Prince’s Island Park on Google Maps

Nightime photo of Prince’s Island and downtown Calgary by Jacenty. The Bow is absent from the downtown skyline.

A daytime picture by plgrenon.

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