Hello Calgary


On Monday September 1st, J and I left Vancouver at 4:30 am and arrived at our new Calgary dwelling at 5:00 pm. J drove the whole way, cursing the mammoth proportions of the U-Haul truck.


Tuesday and Wednesday were spent unpacking, arranging furniture, getting the new car (well, the temporary loaner until the new car appears… the dealership is being very mysterious) and getting groceries. We drove to get groceries. Very weird. We didn’t have a car in Vancouver so groceries were always a walking affair. We got to see a few miles of Calgary highways, along with many, many, many, many strip malls. This was also weird, since Vancouver is one of the few cities with no real highways.

Wednesday afternoon I went for a little walk. Coffee! There is a Phil & Sebastian on 33rd avenue in Marda Loop, about 14 blocks from where we live. Bump & Grind on Commercial Drive serves their coffee and it is one of my favourite Vancouver coffee shops (flavourful americanos that come in 8 oz cups by default). My americano was tasty and I saw a rainbow on my way home.



Decorative beet greens and swiss chard.


There are a lot of fancy cars (Land Rover and BMW below) in Calgary. This area of Calgary (Bankview) is an economic and architectural mish-mash. There are fancy new houses next to old, run-down apartment buildings and houses. Likewise, parked cars vary greatly in swankiness.




Magpies are more plentiful than crows.



Crab apple trees are fairly abundant and pretty in the sunlight.


Stairs at 26th avenue, heading north on 17th street.